strong body, healthy spirit.

I am feeling super motivated today!!! I had a productive morning, ran 1.25 miles, walked for 30 minutes, did two wall sits (2:00 and 1:30) and had a healthy nutribullet smoothie for breakfast. I’m also packing carrots, hummus, and a salad for my break at work tonight.

Honestly, I just hit a really low point and it motivated me to get myself back into the shape I was in last year. It’s so easy to ease back into old habits, and I’m sad that has happened :( BUT these bad feelings have finally given me the motivation I need!

7/19 and 7/20

7/19: The Color Run! It was a BLAST, and I’m proud if myself for running a 5k :)

7/20: 2 mile run. Found a new trail in the area and it’s beautiful. It makes longer runs more enjoyable!

Starting the day with some green.

Starting the day with some green.

7/19 update

Oof I am the worst at remembering to write in here. I wish there was a way to have both tumblrs logged in on the app on my phone?? Anyone?

Anyway, this week I did a 1.25 and 2 mile run (I forget which days) and I’m running the Color Run today! I’m excited :))


Oops, forgot to post that I DID run 2 miles the day I said I would :) I had to literally drag myself, but I did it. And felt better after :) now it’s time to kick it into gear for the color run!!


Ran one mile today! I’m going to run 2 miles tomorrow, along with some strength exercises.

Other goals for tomorrow:
- up my water intake
- take my vitamins
- eat more raw foods


Today’s workout:
- 1 mile run
- 3x20 crunches
- 3x20 bicycle kicks


Two mile run! I’ll do yoga tonight (7/4) and run again tomorrow.

6/30, 7/1

6/30: Ran 1.25 miles

- 3x10 vertical triceps
- 3x10 horizontal triceps
- 3x8 bicep curls
- 3x50 crunches
- 2:00 wall sit
- 1:00 wall sit
- 3x10 calf raises


Eek, this past week or so has been nuts. Two weddings in two different states, work, an interview, and dealing with being flat broke. Exhausting.

I finally got a workout in yesterday at the hotel gym. I ran a mile on the treadmill, walked on an incline for 10 minutes, then did 2x8 bicep curls.

Goals for this week:
- Work out every single day (starting tomorrow - I’m traveling today)
- Do yoga twice